Bespoke Education

The Responsible Investment Institute is the education arm of ESG Ireland, providing practical education on responsible investment and ESG integration for key decision makers across the fiduciary chain.

A philosophical journey

Responsible investment remains a fringe topic in the education syllabus and training programs, a key reason for the knowledge gap that currently prevails around this theme. 

The Responsible Investment Institute works with clients to deliver bespoke workshops and courses on responsible investment to meet the needs of respective decision makers across all stakeholder groups. 

This is not a theme just limited to the financial services industry. All stakeholders are coming to terms with the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factorswithin decision-making frameworks, across business, investments and public policy. 

Responsible investment requires a significant testing of existing beliefs as part of forming a clear philosophy. The main objective of our educational workshops/courses will be to empower decision makers to ask the right questions on the path to developing their own responsible investment philosophy. 

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